About Forever Shiba

A use case with a real purpose in and outside of the blockchain

Why Forever Shiba?

Well the answer is quite simple, in the current crypto space there is thousands of new projects but only one that will last forever and that’s Forever Shiba.

With a Honest, hardworking and focused team there is only one way the future can go, whilst also holding the SHIBA name we plan on not only benefiting our brand but also spreading awareness of both tokens and being the next SHIBA to leave a mark.

Forever Shiba Vision

With a dedicated team that is driven with the intention of making sure its investors are at the heart of 4SHIBA and all decisions are made in a transparent and productive way.

With a vision of building not only a unique use case that will bring new investment into Forever Shiba but also keep it thriving for many years to come.

Forever Dog Treats

Forever Shiba started as a Cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Chain, Our mission is simple, we wish to provide not only high quality products but also give back in the process.

With every purchase of Forever Treats we will be donating to dog shelters that have been voted on by the community.

Online Store


Here at Forever Shiba security for investors is at the forefront to ensure each one of you within our community is protected. We have carried out extensive ways of safeguarding our community within the world of crypto. Firstly, the liquidity has been completely locked and then the smart contract ownership has been renounced.

Locked Liquidity

Forever Shiba Tokenomics

Stealth Launch, No Private Sale!

Started with Stealth Launch without any Private Sale, Whitelist Sale or Reserved Tokens.


Forever Shiba





Total Supply

1 Billion

Buy Taxes


Sell Taxes




Max Wallet

No Limit

Max Trade

No Limit

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Forever Shiba Roadmap

Forever Shiba to The Future!

Looking forward we have big plans to become a recognised player in and outside of the crypto space,
we plan on not only delivering a solid token built from the ground up but also a token where you will always feel valued as a community member and never have to worry about safety because that comes as standard here at 4SHIBA.

Phase 1 (Q1 2023)

■ Stealth Launch ✔️
■ V1 Website Release ✔️
■ V1 White Paper Release ✔️
■ Initial Marketing ✔️
■ Community Build ✔️
■ Forever Treats Release ✔️
■ Listed on P2B CEX ✔️
■ Listed on CoinMarketCap ✔️
■ Listed on CoinGecko ✔️
■ V2 WhitePaper Release ✔️
■ Forever Card NFT Release ✔️
■ Forever Game Listed on Play Store ✔️
■ Tweety Bot Release Beta ✔️

Phase 2 (Q2 2023)

■ Forever Game Listed on App Store
■ Expanding Forever Treats Range
■ Aggressive Marketing
■ Brand Partnerships
■ Tweety Bot Update
■ Aggressive Marketing
■ Solid Partnerships

Phase 3 (Q3 2023)

■ Tweety Bot Add On
■ Expanding Forever Treats Range
■ 2ND CEX Listing
■ Major Partnerships

Phase 4 (Q4 2023)

■ NFT Card Dapp
■ V3 White Paper
■ (Continuous)

Twitter Raiding Tool

Tweety Telegram Bot

Tweety, is a Twitter Tool that offer the following things:

✔️ Twitter Posts from Influencers for people to raid ( Nothing special until now) this raids are collected and displayed in our @CommunityTrending and based on the interactions with the bot the project gets a trending spot.

✔️ Twitter Shill Competition, where the owner sets a timer prize and can easily check after its done if people really did the Shilling. Also all Shilling Competitions are posted in our trending Competitions helping projects to attract shillers and also helping shillers to find work.

✔️ The Premium Feature AUTORAID

We all know It's hard to get people to shill, that's why Tweety will directly shill for you 24/7 for a small price. For info or a free demo contact support group.

First round of sale is open now!

Forever Treats

Forever Treats will be the first use case with a whole ecosystem surrounding it that implement's a buyback and also a charity aspect, our goal is to not only provide quality dog treats to our consumers but also benefit our holders by buying back Forever Shiba with 25% of all profits and sending those tokens to burn.

Another 25% of all profits will go to dog shelters worldwide voted for by our community on our website monthly, so in return we are benefiting our holders and also giving back in the process to dogs in need.

The remaining 50% of all profits will then be put back into Forever Treats in order to expand and improve our range of products over time.

How to Buy

Purchase Forever Shiba Today!

You can purchase Forever Shiba from UniSwap using your Mobile Wallet or Metamask.

What you need is a Mobile wallet like Trust Wallet or Browser wallet like Metamask. After purchasing some ETH and transfering them to your wallet, you can buy Forever Shiba from UniSwap easily.

You can watch the video for fully expained tutorial on how to use metamask and UniSwap.


Contact Forever Shiba Team

We are happy to help. Ask all of your questions and concerns in our Telegram group.

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